Die National Mannschaft **** FC Bayern Munich
  • Bastiano during training session (20.10.2014)

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  • Free-kick Masterclass with Bastian Schweinsteiger

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    Dude. This means that your name and address could have been in Dumbledore’s office. 

    How do you think he knew where to send the Hogwarts acceptance letter? Magic?

    reblogging for the A+ comment


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  • Bastian schweinsteiger attending FC Bayern’s match against SV Werder Bremen - 18.10.14

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  • "Yesterday, I was running for the first time again, and could make a few exercises. I’ve still got to be very careful in everyday’s activities. But I’m glad that I could start increasing the training since a few days ago."
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  • re-watching wc final: bastian’s dancing after the match